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Kasetti Technologies Private Limited

Bangalore, India

0 Certifications

Company Overview

TechKasetti has a well established organization with Salesforce and invests wholeheartedly in having various client victories. We have helped customers implement CRM systems and see significant business benefits. We’re a group of neighborhood specialists upheld by a worldwide organization of skill. This model permits us to move rapidly and work close by our clients in the business sectors we serve. We focus on delivering with our clients, not for them, and combine platform expertise with our extensive client network. We are magnificent at Integration of CX implementations with intricate back-end and legacy systems Utilizing marketing automation to create immersive one-on-one customer journeys Providing quick insight into your data while concealing its complexity Empowering you to make better decisions more quickly than ever Moving your cycles to improve them. Creating user-friendly experiences Delivering results quickly and reducing value creation time. Headquarters in Bangalore, with offices in South Africa, the United States, and Australia. Our extensive product knowledge is demonstrated by our sales accelerator solutions that make use of cutting-edge technology, such as Amazon Personalize, WebXR, and Salesforce Einstein.

Bangalore, India

0 Certifications

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Mission Control Expertise

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