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Kliqxe Technology Sdn Bhd

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

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At Kliqxe, we have a fantastic team of individuals that are knowledgeable about manufacturing and Salesforce and who concentrate their efforts on making sure you are prepared for the transition when we marriage the two together. Our experts has certifications across a broad spectrum of Salesforce's technology offerings. Today's manufacturing business has a very large technological gap, hundreds of processes to handle, and many systems to take into account integrating. Now is the moment to digitally shift and consider altering your working habits. To achieve that, you need a platform that can manage your customised process and provide you with industry standard features to use. With staff on three continents, Kliqxe's role is to guide you through the technicalities so that you may go forwards. You may find video how-tos, best practises, and other information on our LinkedIn page to help you think about how to proceed. To help you understand how Salesforce may benefit your company, we will give you a thorough presentation of the platform. Visit to schedule time with us.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

0 Certifications

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Mission Control Expertise

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