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Lcgbr consultoria e servicos de internet s/a

São Paulo, SP, Brazil,

0 Certifications

Company Overview

Lima Consulting Group (LCG), a company that provides consulting services in digital marketing, was established in 2004 in the United States and in 2010 in Brazil. It assists businesses in creating, putting into practise, and evaluating effective digital marketing strategies. LCG is committed to acting as a reliable resource for the most experienced digital marketers in the Americas. With locations in Philadelphia, So Paulo, and Porto Alegre, Brazil, LCG offers regional services backed by top-notch knowledge. Principal Options: -Tag Management -Tag Auditing -Solutions for Conversion Optimisation -Programmatic Marketing Contact Analytics Enterprise platforms for SEO -Visualisation of data Customer data platforms, marketing clouds, e-commerce platforms, and CRM Customer UX analytics, Social marketing platforms, data management platforms, customer identity management, marketing automation, and GDPR (LGPD) consulting

São Paulo, SP, Brazil,

0 Certifications

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