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Warren, NJ, USA,

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Our 1400 team of Salesforce specialists is prepared to revolutionise your company and develop cutting-edge solutions that offer distinctive client experiences thanks to their strong consulting and delivery skills. At LTI, we empower our customers to look outside-in to optimise their enterprise landscape, business models, and methods of working for the customer by bringing them closer to the "real" demands of the consumer. We leverage the Salesforce platform and its ecosystem to integrate various (legacy and contemporary) technologies and compartmentalised internal business processes in order to provide the most smooth and optimised experience throughout the whole customer value chain. We build a "Unified Digital Thread" using LTI's Salesforce-based solutions, frameworks, and accelerators to satisfy client demands by successfully integrating all corporate operations. This enables businesses to maintain the same "customer context" throughout the front, middle, and back offices, which improves empathy, enables customer innovation driven by empathy across all levels of the business, and fosters competitive advantage.

Warren, NJ, USA,

0 Certifications

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