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Hanoi, Vietnam,

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Business executives have long seen the need for digital transformation, but COVID-19 has increased their urgency as organisations seek to improve their speed, agility, and ability to make data-driven decisions. However, the majority of the time, digital transformation is still a work in progress with more to be done. Many businesses have yet to use digital technology and methods of operation on a large scale. Alternatively, to cultivate a culture that welcomes experimentation, change, and ongoing learning. Other businesses are considering complete makeovers, but they haven't gone beyond the conceptual stage. So how can businesses quicken the digital transformation process? The solution is to envision the future and gradually develop the technology and human capacities necessary to realise it. Companies may start and maintain their digital transformation by adopting a complete Onnet strategy that combines human and technological skills. By combining the skills required to support businesses in expanding and thriving in the digital era, we drive transformation and create enterprises.

Hanoi, Vietnam,

0 Certifications

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