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Security, Compliance and Resilience Specialist

Hawthorn West, VIC,

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All Salesforce clients should have the best security configurations for their orgs, according to Platinum7. If not properly configured, a number of configuration options in your Salesforce org might compromise security and privacy. Customers in regulated businesses must additionally follow extra rules. I will evaluate your Salesforce org and notify you of its existing security settings using my 13 years of expertise and understanding with the Salesforce Security and Platform. The report will include findings in order of severity, mitigation strategies for these findings, and a road map you can use to get to the best security posture for you. I can offer comprehensive consultancy services for regulated businesses to help you become compliant with the necessary rules. I give an initial evaluation of your Salesforce org at a modest fee, and from there I may offer advice, installation, or mitigation services. My "Security as a Service" solution will give you regular, thorough evaluations that go beyond your Salesforce org to include your rules, processes, and associated systems that have an impact on it.

Hawthorn West, VIC,

0 Certifications

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