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Skydog Ops

New York, NY USA,

0 Certifications

Company Overview

Leading Salesforce and Revenue Ops consultancy Skydog Ops is committed to enhancing the productivity of its clients. Our clients come from a variety of B2B sectors, and they all have the ambition to increase productivity, identify data patterns, and unleash growth while getting rid of the typical annoyances that too frequently accompany CRM/RevOps technologies. — Our entrepreneurial mentality at Skydog produces results: • Rolling Releases: Delivering rapid, significant victories while maintaining focus on the ultimate objective. • Fully Integrated: We understand how we can drive results most effectively through frequent meetings, shared Slack channels, and close-knit training sessions. • Flexible: Since business demands might alter everyday, you need a partner who can change directions just as rapidly. • Empowering You: With the aid of training sessions, videos, and written instructions, we take great delight in transforming our clients into power users.

New York, NY USA,

0 Certifications

Industries Served

Mission Control Expertise

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