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Zeyman Consulting SRL

Bucharest, Romania,

0 Certifications

Company Overview

We assist small and medium-sized businesses from all around the world with the implementation, personalisation, and upkeep of Salesforce, the greatest customer relationship management database available. When it comes to Salesforce, we like to consider ourselves a rare breed of consultants—sort of like "unicorns" For clients who might feel as though they are in a strange foreign land, we act as a tour guide. We strive to make the most of the time and effort you are spending in the travel by minimising uncertainty and fears, offering true security and confidence, and ensuring that your experience is good. We have been operating our incredible boutique consultancy for more than three years, and we adore it. Seeing the WOW effect in action while knowing we aren't taking advantage of our clients and delivering the finest work of our lives is a wonderful feeling. Languages "English, Romanian, Russian, French, Salesforce" was spoken.

Bucharest, Romania,

0 Certifications

Industries Served

Mission Control Expertise

Salesforce Experience

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