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Are you managing a software development roadmap? Sick of having post-it notes, to-do lists, and new feature ideas all over the place?

This eBook will guide you through the five key pillars of effectively managing a product roadmap.

Download this eBook and learn key principles to guide you along the software development journey, including:

  • The three main elements to consider when reviewing the strategic direction for your software or product. Never get lost in the excitement about new feature ideas again!.
  • How to execute a robust onboarding process to improve customer experience and reduce churn.
  • How to capture new ideas and feedback from your customers so that you can enhance the features of your software and increase customer retention.
  • How to plan your product release cycles.
  • How to create a solid software development and testing process.
  • How to ensure your customers get as much information as possible about your new product in the format that they consume best.

Why do you need a software development roadmap?

A software roadmap is a tool for communicating your product vision and putting product plans into action. It provides a view of the deliverables required and the sequence of the software project, effectively providing a glimpse of its future.

Your roadmap should help you lay out your high-level goals and initiatives, show the efforts required to achieve them, and visualize a timeline for implementing all these initiatives.

Having a clear overview of the software you and your team plan to create ultimately helps track the progress of the project milestones and manage expectations during the project’s lifecycle. Product roadmaps help you understand the “why” and the core purpose of a product and also understand the “how” by transforming an idea into well-defined steps.

A software development roadmap is easy to make once you know how, practical, and can help you predict how successful their software will be. This enables you to optimize your time and resources for best results.

How this eBook can help you:

In this eBook, we deep- dive into the five main stages of a software development lifecycle:

  1. Onboarding.
  2. Listening and ideation
  3. Planning
  4. Developing
  5. Communicating

We’ll take you through conceptualizing the product, building the product roadmap, launching the product, and collecting feedback. We promise it’s actually much simpler than you think! Plus, as long as you have the right project management software by your side, you can duplicate this product management strategy across any industry or product.

Don’t just wing your next software development cycle. Follow the steps and turn it into a huge success.

Download the eBook and get started today!



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