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Join us for Kosmo's Campfire Webinars

We’ve developed a continuous learning pathway for Mission Control users named Kosmo’s Campfires. The Campfires are a monthly webinar series designed to support our customers’ adoption, utilization and confidence with the Mission Control Project Management platform.

Each month we explore a specific feature or function and then walk you through its utilization, application and benefits so that you can start including the learning in your ways of working.

Below you’ll see the recordings of our previous Campfires and also the date of our next session. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Salesforce Project Management Software - Webinar

Next Campfire / 19th JAN 2022

Timesheets and Logging Time

Date:  19th January 2022
Time: 11am EST

The Agenda

In this session we look at logging time within Mission Control. Logging time is the process of indicating that a number of hours have been spent completing work, and in this session we will take a further look at using the Timesheet and how how to log time from:

 – Whiteboard
 – Action Pad
 – Project Overview
 – Gantt Chart
 – Track Pad                                                                                                                           – Utility Bar                                                                                                                           – Case bar

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Creating New Projects

In this Kosmo Campfire we walk through one of the most efficient ways of creating a new Project manually from scratch within Mission Control.

Cloning Projects

In this Kosmo Campfire session we walk through the various ways you’re able to clone within Mission Control. That includes full Project Cloning, Milestone Cloning, Milestone Loader and Action Cloning.

Automating Project Requests

In this Kosmo Campfire we walk through how to automatically create Projects by using the Project Request feature within Mission Control.

Understanding Project Financials

In this session we’ll deep dive into the various Billable Rate and Cost Rate options you have for tracking your Project Financials: Standard Billing, Role-based, Skill-based- Rate Adjustments and Force Financials Recalculation.

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