We all love it when a plan comes together…but what if it doesn’t? Or if there’s an obstacle or two along the way that puts your project off track? 2020 is the perfect example! With Baseline Tracking, it’s all part of the process.

A critical component of successful project management is acknowledging there might be roadblocks, hurdles and curveballs (even if you don’t know what they are yet) and recognising their impact if and when they occur.

Baseline Tracking allows you to compare your actual delivery dates against your baseline dates. With old project management tools, it can be easy to lose track or overlook the original commitments and expectations of a project – instead focusing on the end goal. This feature gives true insight and transparency for each component of the project: Have certain timelines been over or underestimated? Where are the bottlenecks? What was delivered ahead of schedule? Why?

The Baseline Tracking feature is located in the Gantt Chart tab of Mission Control. Not only can you see the micro detail of which individual tasks tracked differently to expectations but also the macro knock-on effect this had on ‘dependency’ linked tasks and the wider project.

To be able to look back and measure the accuracy of a proposed schedule is critical for any project management debrief. It certainly isn’t about finger pointing but rather informing future project planning to improve efficiencies. It also allows more accurate quoting and scoping of future projects. The key is seeing this as a valuable learning opportunity to evolve your project management offering accordingly.

Find out more about Baseline Tracking and how Mission Control can transform your business’ project management with a demo from our team.