Ah, the humble ‘to-do’ list: A daily ritual for many; some starting the day with a strong coffee, favourite pen and a trusty notebook, others opting for a typed list, working out priorities for the day. But what if your daily ‘to-do’ list at work was delivered to your inbox each morning? No time commitment or headspace required on your behalf. Cue the ‘Daily Digest’.

With Mission Control, you need never rely on your memory, notebook or post-it notes for those daily Actions again. The Daily Digest will come straight into your inbox clearly detailing what needs to be done in order of priority – including new, pending and overdue tasks. It even shows the allocated time for each task – a valued management tool for managing project resources and helping teams stick to budgets. Day plan sorted for everyone on the project team!

This isn’t about technology replacing your grey matter but rather freeing it up for far more important things. Imagine all that extra head space you and your team would have for the wider project if you weren’t taking up valuable time thinking about what you need to do…rather how you’re going to do it. We think that’s pretty awesome! And the best bit? You can still enjoy that morning coffee but this time whilst you crack on with the first task of the day. Because lists are important but making headway on that project is even more so!

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