What’s New Mission Control – v1.62

Salesforce Project Management and PSA Solution Update

Mission Control v1.62 just dropped on Salesforce AppExchange and this article dives into some of the amazing new features and exciting new enhancements included in our latest release!

Resource Forecasting is now GA, ya!

Back in March ’22 we launched the Resource Forecasting functionality as a beta release. As part of Version 1.62, this functionality is now considered Generally Available (GA). We would like to thank all customers that actively tested this functionality during the beta release. Your feedback and input has proven invaluable in bringing this into the solution as a GA feature.

Billing Type: Deposit to T&M

A new Billing Type has been included for customers to manage an invoicing scenario that was not supported by existing Billing Types. To take advantage of this feature, you will need to add ‘Deposit to T&M’ as a new Picklist value in the Billing Type field on the Project Object.

The ‘Deposit to T&M’ Billing Type enables customers to manually raise deposit invoices and once that amount has been used, T&M invoices will be generated periodically. To use this Billing Type, the following fields will need to be set on the Project:

Billing Type: Deposit to T&M
Billing Cycle: Periodic
Periodic Billing Frequency: Set to your preference
Periodic Billing Next Date: Set to your required date.

Create Milestones Page

The ‘Create Milestones’ page is accessible from the Project Page Layout. You access it by clicking the ‘Create Milestones’ button, as highlighted below:
This page enables you to quickly create multiple Milestones for one Project. You are able to edit existing Milestones if you need to make changes in bulk. There are a variety of other page features including Display Existing Milestones, Display Custom Fields.

Time Log decimal rounding

The Time Log Decimal Rounding feature enables customers to choose whether the ‘Hours Completed’ field value on the Time Log is rounded to the nearest specified decimal.

This feature is controlled by a setting within the Project Automation Settings section of the Control Pad on the Mission Control Console.

Below is the full list of features, as well key enhancements, in the October 2022 v1.62 release:

    • Resource Forecasting is GA
    • Billing Type: Deposit to T&M
    • Create Milestones Page
    • Time Log Decimal Rounding
    • Contributor Dates
    • Risk Score Enhancements
    • Retro Board Enhancements
    • Timesheet Enhancements
    • And a few minor enhancements:
      • Add Action Component Enhancement
      • Time Log Validation Rules

This is just a taster of all the awesome new capabilities and improvements to our Mission Control project management software. You can find the FULL release notes and detailed webinar about our brand new Version 1.62 here. To find out more about our Salesforce project management and PSA Solution, enquire now for a free trial.



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