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What’s New Mission Control – v1.60

Salesforce Project Management and PSA Solution Update

We’ve got some amazing new Mission Control features and exciting new enhancements included in our latest release! Our latest version 1.60 was released on the Salesforce AppExchange Friday 18th February, and we’ve made a number of enhancements to various features, making it even more accessible, engaging and useful for our customers.

Resource Forecasting (beta)
Resource forecasting is the process of anticipating your organization’s resource needs over a future period of time. This enables expectations to be managed for existing and future projects and potential opportunities.

Our marquee enhancement in this release is a true resource forecasting game changer. The Resource Forecasting feature will provide customers with the ability to combine soft booked resource requests together with committed projects and holidays. The core benefit will be a single source of truth into the actual and anticipated resource demands on the business, providing insight into when additional resources need to be onboarded to account for increased workload.

Resource Planner – Overview

The Resource Forecasting beta comprises of 3 main features:
Role Forecasting
The Role Forecasting feature provides the ability to soft-book resources at an Opportunity and/or Project level.

Role Availability
The Role Availability feature provides the ability to track how many days per week, hours per day, and billable target % values each Role will be available for during specific periods of time.

Hours Distributor
The Hours Distributor previously available on the Resource Assignment Wizard for individual Actions has been extended to work across Projects, Milestones, Actions, Roles and Holidays.

Resource Planner – Planner

NOTE: Role Forecasting is being released as a beta feature. We welcome your feedback on this feature and will be working to finalise the functionality as part of the next release. It will be GA in the Q2 ’22. During the beta period, you may experience known limitations or identify bugs. Please submit these to [email protected].

Other key features in the February 2022 release:

  • Checklist Item Kanban: this Kanban board provides the ability to manage Checklist Items through a workflow process. It enables users to collaborate with one another via Chatter, log time to record progress and keep the Status up to date using the interactive drag and drop cards.
  • Auto-generation enhancements: There are a raft of new generation methods that will enhance the options available to auto-generation new Projects directly from Salesforce Opportunities, providing even further flexibility to ensure service delivery commences as soon as possible, post sale.
  • Billing Generator: this new feature provides the ability to raise invoices for progress payments across multiple different Milestones / Phases of a Project simultaneously.
  • Role Availability Management: the Role Availability feature provides deeper flexibility in relation to tracking the hours and days each project resource is available, as well as automatically maintaining active billable targets.
New Checklist Item Kanban



    • Resource Forecasting (beta)
      • Role Forecasting
      • Role Availability Manager
      • Hours Distributor
    • Checklist Item Kanban Board
    • Billing Event Generator
    • ‘Status’ Path Component
    • Auto-Generation Enhancements
    • Checklist Item Enhancements
    • Time Log Enhancements
    • Create Actions Page Enhancements
    • Gantt Chart Enhancements
    • Project Overview & Read Only Page Enhancements
    • And a few minor enhancements:
      • Action Rescheduling Around Holidays
      • Console – Control Pad Enhancements
      • Project Status Report Enhancements
      • Project Clone Enhancements
      • Milestone Clone Enhancements
      • Additional Project & Milestone Fields
      • Milestone Status Update Enhancements
      • Issue Log Enhancements

This is just a taster of all the awesome new capabilities and improvements to our Mission Control project management software. You can find the FULL release notes and detailed webinar about our brand new Version 1.60 here. To find out more about our Salesforce project management and PSA Solution, enquire now for a free trial.



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