Ever feel like a project’s time and resources are running away from you? No matter how well organised you start out on a project, things change. And with Agile project methodology increasing in popularity, they’re supposed to. Flexibility and agility of a project roll-out are fast becoming the norm so how do you stay on top of resourcing in an ever-changing project landscape?

Enter Mission Control’s Resource Utilization feature. The best friend of Project Managers for the way it allows the clear monitoring of a project’s resources in real time. You can view how well an overall team (master team), task team or individual roles are being utilized – showing scheduled billing hours vs actual billable hours being used. The simple traffic light system provides a clear visual representation of how well targets are being met. Mission Control’s Resource Utilization tool accounts for billable, non-billable, holiday leave and full-time vs part-time making it an accurate representation of everyone on the team.


If targets aren’t being met (or don’t look like they’re going to be) then this can be identified well ahead of time. The benefit of resource utilization reporting means there’s time to execute a strategy to rectify any variances, which in turn means cash flow is not impacted. Valuable for any business but especially in professional services where consulting resource may make up a considerable component, if not all, of the business’ revenue. Resource utilization allows you to safeguard against the common peaks and troughs of consulting so there’s no surprises to the cash flow.

To learn more about how Mission Control can help you stay on top of project resource and ensure its being utilized as efficiently as possible, get in touch with our team today.