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The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Events

The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Events

Salesforce always goes the extra mile to create value for its professionals and end-users. One of the most exciting ways it does this is through Salesforce events held throughout the year—in different locations and online.

For us at Mission Control, attending a Salesforce event is a fantastic way to engage in meaningful socializing and learn more about the world’s number one CRM product.

These events provide salespersons, consultants, partners, and end-users, an avenue to network with other Salesforce professionals, discover new opportunities, and spark ideas on increasing our proficiency in the technology industry.

Are you interested in attending Salesforce events? Here’s a quick overview of the different types of events to help you decide which ones to attend.

1. Dreamforce

The Dreamforce annual event is by far the largest Salesforce event, gathering over 170,000 participants in San Francisco, CA, every year. The event is open to the entire Salesforce community, customers, users, and all business partners. At Dreamforce, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network, build connections and learn about Salesforce’s latest technological breakthroughs and new features.

2. World Tour

The Salesforce World Tour event is held on various dates through the year in several major cities around the world. These events allow you to network with others in the Salesforce community and build new relationships. You can also access top speakers, industry sessions, keynotes, and more. Anyone can attend a world tour event of their choice, and there’s no registration fee. Better yet, you can choose to attend virtually.

World Tour events in 2022 have included DC, Sydney, London, Tokyo, Dallas, Atlanta, Paris, and New York City.

3. Basecamp

Salesforce Basecamp events are similar to World Tours but on a smaller scale. They occur in several cities worldwide to enable as many members of the Salesforce community to participate in its annual events. These one-day conferences are free and open to everyone. You can be sure to meet thought leaders who will inform and inspire you to transform your business or make the most of your skillset.

4. Connections

Connections is an event geared toward Salesforce marketers. It focuses on digital marketing, commerce, and customer service. This event takes place in a different US city each year. If you attend a Connections event, you can expect to gain insight into connecting with your customers in new and innovative ways. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage one-on-one with industry leaders and learn from them.

5. Community Group and Dreaming Events

These are community-organized events happening across the globe and come in all shapes and sizes. Salesforce community members dedicate their time and energy to creating these events to offer opportunities for knowledge sharing. The events provide the perfect opportunity to connect, learn, and get inspired by your peers.

Some of the most popular Salesforce community events include:

  • Southeast Dreamin’: This is a networking and learning event for Salesforce users. It features over 30 sessions that involve hands-on workshops, keynote presentations, and breakout sessions.
  • Dreamin’ in Color: This event is geared towards black Salesforce professionals. However, it’s open to any who supports the advancement of black Salesforce professionals. Attendees get to discuss how to find success, overcome obstacles, and career growth.
  • Midwest Dreamin’: The event brings together Salesforce content and speakers in the Midwest.
  • Tahoe Dreamin’: This event is for Salesforce Trailblazers.
  • Florida Dreamin’: The event is held annually in Florida and features the hottest new tips, trends, and innovations surrounding Salesforce.
  • London’s Calling: This is one of Europe’s largest community-led events that bring together all Salesforce professionals.
  • WITness Success: This event brings together Salesforce Women in Tech for a chance to learn, network, and get mentorship.

6. Local User Groups Events

There are thousands of Salesforce user groups across the globe. Members meet once a month to discuss trends, pain points and learn from each other. Local user group events are a fantastic way to get involved in the Salesforce community without flying worldwide. There are numerous user groups covering location, industry, product, and diversity and inclusion.

Use this website to find and join your local user group:

2023 Provisional Salesforce & Tech Event Dates

Below you’ll find some of the provisional dates for Salesforce and Technology Events in 2023:
TDX: San Fran March 7-8
World Tour Sydney: March 1
World Tour DC: April 19th
World Tour NYC: May 4th
World Tour Paris: May 16th
CNX: Chicago June 7-8
World Tour London: June 29th
Dreamforce: September 12th – 14th
World Tour Tokyo: Nov 28 – 29
World Tour NYC: December 7th
World Tour Atlanta: December TBD

Catch Us at a Salesforce Event

As you can see, Salesforce hosts a variety of events every year. At Mission Control, we love being part of this big worldwide Salesforce community.

Salesforce events are a valuable opportunity for us to connect with our community peers and our target audience. It’s great for building business and sparking ideas for future product growth.

We truly enjoy attending these events, and as the world comes out of the pandemic, we hope to attend more in-person events more frequently. We hope to catch up with you at a Salesforce event soon!

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