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What’s New: Mission Control V1.39

We’re excited to announce that we have launched the latest version of Mission Control onto the AppExchange today. It’s jam-packed with some amazing new features, just in time for Christmas!! At a high-level, the new features include:

  • Action Checklist Items
  • New Kanban Whiteboard
  • Recurring Milestones & Actions
  • Gantt Chart Enhancements
  • Billing Event Enhancements

It’s been hard to pick which feature is our favourite, but it has to be the new Kanban Whiteboard. Whilst everyone is providing great feedback on how cool it looks, they’re also equally excited by what it’s now capable of letting them do. It’s so feature-rich, you could probably spend your whole day working from the Whiteboard, keeping all of your projects up to date. You’re still able to drag and drop your actions from one Status column to another. However, it now boasts a range of additional features, including:

  • Dynamically change the Column Heading
  • Dynamically change the Summary Field
  • Drag a new Role onto the Sticky Note to re-assign ownership
  • Add new Actions
  • Edit existing Actions
  • Manage Contributors via the Resource Assignment Wizard
  • Collaborate via the Action Chatter Feed
  • Manage Action Checklists
  • Log / Track Time

The new ‘Sticky Note’ provides you with access to all of the key functions you need when managing your project actions. You’re even able to change which fields are displayed on the Sticky Note to suit your own requirements.




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