We’ve got some amazing new Mission Control features and exciting new enhancements included in our latest release! Our latest version 1.59 was released on the Salesforce AppExchange last Friday 10th September and we’ve made a number of enhancements to various features, making it even more accessible, engaging and useful for our customers.


An important part of any Project is reviewing how it went, and identifying learnings that can be taken
into future Projects. Mission Control’s Retrospective Board enables you to carry out a ‘lessons learned’ assessment of a Project, or even a Phase/Sprint within a Project.

For each Learning, you can indicate your opinion as to whether it was something that worked well that you can take into future projects, or perhaps it didn’t go so well and you may choose to try something else next time round.

You’re also able to tag each Learning against a number of Categories. These parameters will enable you to search the Retrospective Board in advance of kicking off a new Project to identify Learnings from previous Projects. For example, you may want to search for all Learnings that ‘Worked Well’ with a Category of ‘Documentation’ prior to commencing a business requirements gathering exercise.

These learnings are housed on the Retrospective Board which is a Kanban Board illustrating the Opinion of each learning.


The Holiday Allowance Object allows you to define how many days are allocated to each Role over a period. When creating a Holiday record, if applicable, it can be related to a Holiday Allowance record.

Two reports are included that will provide details of the current number of days used and remaining across each Role, across the various Holiday Allowance records.

Holiday Allowance Remaining Summary
This report provides a summary of all Holiday Allowance records grouped by Role and Holiday Allowance ‘Type’.

Holiday Allowance Remaining Role
This report provides a summary of all Holiday Allowance records grouped by Holiday Allowance ‘Type’.


A number of new features and user experience enhancements have been added to the Meeting Manager, as outlined below.


Meeting Notes PDF
You can generate a ‘Meeting Notes’ PDF that can be downloaded and circulated. This PDF contains the
following details:
● Attendees
● Agenda Items
● Agenda Tasks

Promote Agenda Task to Action
You are able to ‘promote’ an Agenda Task to an Action. This may be required when an Agenda Task has been reviewed and determined to need work on a specific Project to be carried out.


  • Meeting Manager
  • New Auto-Generation Methods
  • New Project Builder Conversion Methods
  • Timesheet Enhancements
  • Timesheet Submission & Exception Notifications
  • Action Pad Enhancements
  • Gantt Chart Enhancements
  • Requirement & User Story Delivery Status Tracking
  • Reassignment Wizard Enhancements
  • And a few minor enhancements
    • Project Trigger: Delete Dependencies
    • Resource Assignment Wizard
    • Current User Fields
    • KPI Tracking Fields
    • Project Overview Enhancements
    • Project Status Report Enhancements


This is just a taster of all the awesome new capabilities and improvements to our Mission Control project management software. You can find the FULL release notes and detailed webinar about our brand new Version 1.59 here.To find out more about our Salesforce project management and PSA Solution, enquire now for a free trial.