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Stay in charge and on track with Mission Control, a cloud-based Salesforce project management app. Our Professional Services Automation software allows you to establish a consistent process for planning, managing and measuring your client projects, all from the one app. Maximize efficiency and profitability with our extensive feature set that seamlessly integrates with your Salesforce platform.

Spend more time with clients and less time organizing your day. With Mission Control’s Salesforce Project Management solution, you’ll enjoy a clear overview of your project briefs, progress and allocated resources. All of which is designed to keep your day on track and make it easy to collaborate with your team.

Create actionable tasks and take your business’s client and project management capability to the next level using time tracking, the resource capacity planner and the intuitive assignment wizard.

the key features

Salesforce Project Management - Financials

project financials

Track all your financials, including revenue, staff costs and expenses. Which will provide you with full P&L visibility across all of your projects.

Salesforce Project Management - Timetracking

time sheets

Log time against projects via timesheets or the Salesforce1 Time Logger. Also, track time via the ‘start/stop’ feature and submit timesheets for approval.

Salesforce Project Management - Icon

mission control console

The Mission Control Console provides you with quick launch access to all of the key areas of your project management solution.

salesforce project management software

rapid project launch

With just a few simple clicks, you can quickly & easily create a project framework including all of the required key milestone deliverables you need.

salesforce project management software

resource capacity planning

View all of your actions, identify bottlenecks and holidays, or reassign or reschedule actions to fit the capacity of project resources.


project overview

A complete project overview. Simply view all of your projects on one page including the Gantt Chart, Burn Down Chart, milestones, actions, expenses and risks.

salesforce project management software

virtual whiteboard

You can easily drag and drop your Action ‘sticky notes’ to record your progress in this Kanban style whiteboard, making them simple to update.

salesforce project management software

gantt chart

View projects on the Gantt Chart, getting visibility of all milestones and actions. Manage dependencies, drag and drop to reschedule and view progress.

Easy to integrate, simple to use

Mission Control is a Salesforce native project management solution, built to integrate seamlessly with your Salesforce platform. The vast array of tools is agile and easily customized to your business and client needs. Ultimately, you will be more organized and get the best ROI on your Salesforce platform.

Our Salesforce Gantt chart is the best way to get a clear overview of your projects, collaborate with your team and track your goals. The cohesive design and extensive features are easy to implement and will set up your team for success.

salesforce project management software
  • The App is very easy to manage out of the box. one of the best Apps on the AppExchange
    Jamie - New Zealand
  • The service from Aprika is awesome. If other companies got it as right as you guys the world would be a better place.
    Lyndon - UK
  • This a great product which we have rolled out across our company, and the service we have received from day one has been amazing. The app is solid and updates/new functionality come often. Keep up the great work mates!
    Xavier - United States
  • Mission Control has been an excellent product for our company! We use the application for our project management department where we handle complex multi-site rollouts as well as large campus environments. The product is scalable from small to large projects.
    Carrie - United States
  • Mission Control has become a critical component of managing customer implementation projects for our company. It allows for simple and repeatable projects to be managed all through Salesforce. The service provided by Aprika is quick and responsive.
    Kenny - United States
  • As a SF consultancy for non-profits, we needed a project management tool to use ourselves and to also recommend to clients. We have been impressed with it's functionality & price point. It allows for transparency and gives a good functionality.
    Heather - UK
  • Mission Control has really helped us with our time management, improved case turn around as well as easily manage our projects. Couple this with constant improvements, excellent service, lightning fast support and a willingness to consider requests, and you couldn't hope to find a better solution.
    Patric - South Africa
  • Mission Control gives project managers the tools they need to both schedule a project complete with Gantt chart and execute a project using a Kanban board. The software also incorporates time tracking which is critical to keeping an eye on project costs.
    Charles - Australia
  • Game Changing! We analysed several project management solutions and Mission Control came up top of the list of apps we reviewed. We now have a fully functioning project management, resource management, time and expense management solution that has totally changed the way our business runs.
    Alice - Australia
  • We were delighted to find Mission Control after an exhaustive search options. Mission Control does everything it says it will do and has taken our business to the next level.
    Chris - New Zealand

Why use Mission Control…

It’s the only Salesforce project management app you’ll ever need. You will experience productivity like never before, learning to manage your time effectively while staying on budget and in touch with your team.

Mission Control makes it easy for businesses of all sizes, and in any industry, to customize our extensive range of project management tools and supersize your Salesforce platform.


The black & white Benefits

The benefits of a system that works for you

Perfect for small and large teams

Perfect for small and large teams

Whether you’re a busy start-up or a large-scale corporation, Mission Control’s extensive feature set will keep your projects on time and on budget, no matter the size of your team.

Adapts to any style of project

Adapts to any style of project

Perfect for everything from consulting and professional services to advertising and design projects or commercial contracting work, our project management tools easily adapt to any size or style of project to help your team stay in control.

Saves time & money

Saves time & money

Identify your goals, plan your budget and allocate resources accordingly while tracking your expenses and progress to increase productivity and save valuable business time.

Track, monitor, learn & improve

Track, monitor, learn & improve

Mission Control allows you to track your projects, every step of the way. Compare your projected data with your actual outcomes and identify where you can improve your productivity for future clients.

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