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Kosmo’s Feature Focus: Console Cruising

Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Blog

Project Managers need to be across a whole host of project information at any one time. From budgets and invoicing to timelines and deliverables, there’s a considerable level of detail to know on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. And if the project is running well, it will be constantly progressing, meaning so too is the latest project information. So how do you stay across everything?

The aptly named, Mission Control, puts everything you need to know at your fingertips. The first port of call for any Project Manager is The Console. It’s your very own Command Center that lets you quickly navigate straight into the detail. Whether you need to access the project Gantt chart, Whiteboard or Scheduler, The Console allows you to jump right in.

For ease of navigation, The Console is broken up into 4 separate tabs – which can be restricted to individual users depending on level of access required.

  • Launch Pad

This is where to go to create a new project record, such as role, holiday, skill or billing event…etc. An entire new project can also be launched from here, which for efficiency, can be simply cloned from a previous project if needed.

  • Progress Pad

For logging progress updates on the project, this tab allows you to go straight to
Timesheets, Expenses and Risks and Issues Log.

  • Management Pad

If you need an instant update on where a project is at, this is where you’ll find it. Depending on the snapshot you need, you’ll be able to access Gantt, Story Board and Project Planner to name a few. The PMO dashboard is particularly helpful in informing top level updates to project stakeholders.