The Meeting Manager feature in Mission Control is truly a game changer for any business that relies on meeting time to move projects forward. It is an essential component of progress tracking and maximizing efficient workflow. We listened to our customers and now have a feature where you can plan, track and collaborate as a team whilst integrating with the Project and specific Actions.

Inefficient meetings, meetings that could have been an email or call, meetings full of hot air where nothing actually eventuates, we’ve all had hundreds, probably thousands of them over the journey. These efficiencies are only exasperated in billable environments where time needs to be logged, scopes need to be managed to and budgets need to be adhered to. We’ve had several clients ask us to develop a feature that better logs time, incorporates agendas, tracks outcomes and better manages post-meeting outcomes and accountability.

And this feedback was the catalyst for our latest feature – Meeting Manager…

Some key components of the Meeting Manager feature include:

  • Ability to set up a meeting request and invite people straight into their work calendar
  • Create a new meeting or load an existing meeting if there are regular meetings occurring
  • Set up an Agenda for the meeting with tasks to discuss
  • Track Attendees and Apologies at the meeting
  • The meeting Agenda and discussion points are available to every invitee within their own login of Mission Control
  • Any Agenda item can be resolved in the meeting or added to the next meeting
  • Log time against an Action on a Project directly through Meeting Manager


You can also generate a ‘Meeting Notes’ PDF that can be downloaded and circulated. This PDF contains the following details:

  • Attendees
  • Agenda Items
  • Agenda Tasks


The aim of this feature is to support enhanced collaboration and efficient workflow. We understand the importance of meeting time and by being able to integrate this straight into Mission Control it will not only improve efficiencies of time around managing your projects, but also allow everyone easy access to discussions that take place within those meetings.

To learn more about Mission Control’s Meeting Manager feature and how it can streamline your project planning process, get in touch with our team today.