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What to Expect from the Salesforce Winter 23 Release: New Features and More

Salesforce Winter 23 Release

It’s that time of year again—time for a new Salesforce release.

The Salesforce Winter ’23 release is coming! And you know what that means—a bunch of new features and functionality to play around with.

According to Salesforce, this release will “help you grow your business, reduce costs, and create efficiencies.”

Things seem to be rolling smoothly with Salesforce having just announced the release date, sandbox preview, pre-release org information, and the release notes for Salesforce Winter ’23 are now available.

For those attending, there’ll be a one-hour deep dive into the highlights from the Winter ’23 release and demos from your favorite product managers during Dreamforce 2022.

Let’s dive into the top features we’re being promised for this release. Plus, make note of the important dates so your organization is prepared for the upgrade.

Important Dates for Salesforce Winter 23 Release

First things first, you need to be aware of when your Salesforce instance will be upgraded to the Salesforce Winter ’23 release. Save these key dates on your calendar.

  • August 25: Sandbox cutoff date: You’ll get early access to new features and test configurations in your sandbox before the scheduled production upgrade. Make sure that you have an active sandbox on a preview instance before August 25, 2022, to get early access. Take advantage of early access to test out features that are important to your organization.
  • August 26 and 27: Sandboxes upgraded: All sandboxes on a preview instance get upgraded to Winter ’23 this weekend.
  • August 26: Winter ’23 Release site is live: The release site goes live on this date. You’ll get the look and feel of the Winter ’23 release.
  • September 9: First release weekend: Upgrades start happening for select organizations using Salesforce
  • September 20 to 22: Release Readiness Live at Dreamforce: Attending Dreamforce 2022? You’ll see live demos and listen to highlights from the Winter ’23 release. You can also ask your release questions in the live Q&A.
  • October 7: Second release weekend: The second round of Salesforce customers get upgraded.
  • October 14 and 15: Final release weekend: All remaining Salesforce instances get upgraded.

New Features to Expect from Salesforce Winter 23 Release

The Winter ’23 release notes are now available. Here are some of the key updates and features you can expect to see in this release.

1. Dynamic forms for standard objects

Dynamic Forms for standard objects have been in the works for a while and will finally be available for person account, contact, and opportunity record pages from Winter ’23.

2. Dynamic related list filters

You can now filter your dynamic related list in the Lightning App Builder by multiple filter values. Previously, you could filter by only one picklist value.

3. Collaborative forecast fun

Forecasting has been getting some awesome updates in the last few releases, and it’s the same case with Winter ’23. There are a host of enhancements in forecasting in this release.

4. Clone lightning apps (beta)

Have you got an app you love so much? Now you can clone it to create a custom app in the Lightning App Builder.

5. Create custom address fields

Now you can create custom fields that function the same way as the standard address field. This will significantly improve your address data accuracy and your users’ experience.

6. Flow and automation updates

Flow is full of juicy updates for you, such as:

  • Cut and paste flow elements in auto-layout.
  • The enhanced formula builder in Flow will help you check formula syntax and catch errors as you work.
  • Use ISCLONE in record-triggered flow formulas to re-create any Workflow Rules or Process Builder processes.
  • Users can now view incoming go-to connections in the Toolbox.
  • Use a toggleable Toolbox to expand your Flow Builder canvas and quickly add elements using search.

Plus many more features.

7. Reports and dashboards

There are many updates for Reports and Dashboards. Two updates you’ll especially love are finding custom report types containing a specific standard or custom field and reviewing a custom report type’s structure when creating it.

8. Einstein search for knowledge

The Einstein search for knowledge enables your service agents to find relevant articles quicker, allowing them to resolve cases faster.

9. Track and sort all your tasks with the to-do list

The to-do-list feature will enable users to view, sort, and organize tasks assigned to them in one easy-to-use view. In addition, they can apply labels to tasks to customize how they organize and prioritize them.

10. Permissions

Use the User Access and Permissions Assistant to convert profiles to permission set groups. Analyze and manage your groups on Permission Assignments.

These are just a few updates out of several to come. See the complete list of what’s in store in the Winter ’23 release here. You may also like to join the Release Readiness Trailblazers Community to find resources and the support you need as you implement the new features.

So there you have it—everything to expect in the Salesforce Winter ’23 release.

What the Salesforce Winter 23 Release Means for Mission Control

Being an application that’s been built using the Salesforce platform it’s vital we keep Mission Control across critical changes or enhancements that affect our product or customers. The Winter release has some existing enhancements that will continue to improve Salesforce UI and UX. The continuous improvements to Flow enable customers to build out their own business logic and the Dynamic Forms enhancements provide great flexibility for surfacing the correct information for different users.

If you’d like to learn more about what these new features and updates mean for your Mission Control experience, contact our support team and we’ll be happy to help.



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