As a Project Manager, there’s undeniably a lot of balls to juggle at any one time. And whilst there are many options available on how to ensure you don’t drop any of them (like spreadsheets, schedules or even your trusty grey matter) a Gantt Chart provides a perfect solution. Providing an instant snapshot of where the project is currently at and what’s coming up, the Gantt Chart, in its simplest form, is a visual timeline of your project.

Mission Control’s Gantt Chart for salesforce, helps Project Managers assess how long an overall project should take including time estimations for tasks within the project and the resources needed to complete them. Dependencies can be created between tasks for Project Managers to simply see the implications of a change in project plan. It provides a great tool for meetings (remote or in person) for the project team to get clear visibility on project progress and to discuss any issues with roll-out.


As a project moves forward, the Gantt Chart adjusts all components simultaneously providing an instant up-to-date schedule which in turn supports clear team communications. It also allows you to readily identify your critical path – a must for Project Managers in order to keep focus where it needs to be. Mission Control’s Gantt Chart includes a drag and drop feature allowing simple rescheduling of project timings to adjust as needed – and all dependent tasks automatically updating too. Once these adjustments are made, the Gantt chart will allow you to compare actual vs baseline dates to see how the overall project schedule is tracking.

To learn more about how Mission Control’s Gantt Chart feature can help improve transparency, communication and efficiencies within your projects, get in touch with our team today.