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Kosmo’s Feature Focus: Resource Assignment Wizard

Managing projects means managing resources. Mastering resource management should therefore, be a top priority for any project manager.

With proper resource management, you can assign tasks to team members based on their skill set, capacity, and fit for the project and achieve maximum efficiency.

Resource Assignment Wizard is a crucial feature on Mission Control designed to make the resource management process more manageable.

What is the Resource Assignment Wizard feature in Mission Control?

The Resource Assignment Wizard is a unique feature on Mission Control that you can use to manage your resources efficiently. It provides you with the ability to search for the most appropriate resources that you can assign to a project or task based on specific parameters such as the resource:

  • Team membership
  • Skill set
  • Skill proficiency
  • Available capacity

Once you’ve found the most appropriate resources for your project or task, you can assign them as action owners or additional contributors. You can access the Resource Assignment Wizard from several pages, including:

  • Create Actions
  • Project Overview – Overview Tab
  • Track Pad – Add Action Tab
  • Gantt Chart – Action Edit Page
  • Whiteboard – Add or Edit Action Page
  • Project Builder
  • Scheduler
  • Action Pad


How to make the most of the Resource Assignment Wizard

The Resource Assignment Wizard gives you insight into your resources’ availability and skill sets so you can best decide which ones to utilize as contributors and action owners.

With this feature, you can:

Search for resources

When planning a project, you may not know which resources are available. You can quickly launch the Resource Assignment Wizard to find the resources available and choose the ones you want based on their team membership, skill set, and proficiency.

Click on the search button, and it will return the complete list of active resources. You can further filter the active roles into Teams, Skills, and Skill Proficiency levels. You’ll then see a list of ‘Potential Resources’ (matching the filter criteria you’ve applied). For each resource filtered, you’ll be able to see their real-time capacity based on tasks they’re handling across other projects.

Filter resources based on available hours

It’s essential to put resources into a project so that you’re sure they have enough time to commit to your project. Depending on the tasks at hand, you may need one resource for longer hours than others. Make your resource planning easier by searching your resources according to their availability. Add an ‘hours’ filter on the Resource Assignment Wizard to find resources that are available for the number of hours you need dedicated to your project.

Manually assign an Action Owner

In cases where you already know the resources you want to use for a particular project, you can manually assign a resource as the Action Owner. Simply type their name in the lookup field within the Action Owner zone and click the + icon. The individual will be able to see every action assigned to them.

Manually assign a Contributor

If you want a particular resource to be a contributor to an action, you can do so using the Resource Assignment Wizard. Quickly type their name in the lookup field within the Contributors zone, enter their Billable / Non-Billable contributions, then click the + icon. Each Contributor will appear in the search results, and you can edit/delete any contributor as required.

Get insights into capacity

Efficient project management requires having enough resources at every stage. Use the Resource Assignment Wizard to determine how many resources are available for your projects. The wizard will also help you identify gaps in your resources so that you can fill them immediately and avoid affecting your project delivery.

View upcoming holidays

Resources will always need a break from work from time to time, and this shouldn’t affect the delivery of your projects. However, keeping up with everyone’s leave days can be challenging. The Resource Assignment Wizard gives you a quick view of upcoming holidays and off days so you can plan project tasks and resources accordingly. Proper planning for when resources are away ensures that you assign tasks accordingly or have resources on standby to avoid delays.

Identify and allocate the most appropriate resources

Effective resource manager involves utilizing your available resources to their fullest potential. The Resource Assignment Wizard allows you to view each resource’s skill set and match them with projects that align with their skills and competencies. This way, you can be sure that your projects are being handled by the most competent resources available.


Effective resource management is important and necessary. When you can align your projects’ deliverables with available resources, you save costs and time and increase customer satisfaction.

Our dedicated Resource Assignment Wizard gives you further insight into your resource availability and skillsets. This knowledge allows you to decide which resource to assign to particular tasks as contributors and action owners. This way, you can rest assured that all project tasks are adequately taken care of.

Contact us today to learn more about Mission Control’s Resource Assignment Wizard and how it can streamline your resource management process.



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