Kosmo’s Feature Focus: Resource Profiling2 min read

Kosmo’s Feature Focus: Resource Profiling2 min read
2 min read

“I know just the person for the job.”
What a great place to land; when a project or task presents itself and you have just the person in mind for it. Even better if they’re available and raring to go. Yet working in larger organisations or part of a wider project team means you might not always know everyone’s skillset and previous experience prior to a project commencing.

Ever found out a colleague has a hidden talent or hobby – long after you’ve been working together? It can be much the same on a project. A colleague’s current role is not their entire career history and instead of familiarising yourself with every resume of the project team, allow the ‘Resource Profiling’ tool to take out the hard work.

This simple yet effective tool will marry up the requirements of the project with talent (both those currently on and off the project if required). The search can be filtered by availability – although if there’s a strong business case for a certain individual (who isn’t available) then let the profiling tool support your discussions.

The matrix of skills proficiencies allows you to identify the most suitable resource for your need. Although, it might not always be the first person who comes to mind. This is a great tool for bringing those quiet performers to the forefront and putting them on the radar to a wider project network.

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