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Examples of Professional Services Automation Done Right

Implementing professional services automation software can have a huge impact on a business. It affects their processes but also their bottom line—usually positively.

Take a look at these PSA case studies to see how implementing this tool can impact an organization.

PSA Case Study #1: Out In The Clouds

Out In The Clouds is a technology consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. Before implementing a PSA solution in their business, they were using Asana to try and keep on top of their projects and keep everything moving in the right direction.

Unfortunately what they found was that it was disconnected from the data as well as their project and customer conversations that were happening within Salesforce.

Additionally, they were using a dozen different tools for various purposes within the business. This was not only expensive but also affected data visibility within the business. This made decision-making harder and slowed down projects unnecessarily.

The final straw was when they became a Salesforce partner and wanted a tool that was native to the platform and could help consolidate all of Out In The Clouds’ business processes in one central hub.

Enter Mission Control.

We trialed one other Salesforce native SaaS solution and didn’t get a good feel for it, it wasn’t robust enough and it didn’t have the same level of endorsement I’d received on Mission Control from various contacts within my community.

As a PSA solution, Mission Control helped Out In The Clouds fill a lot of gaps in their processes immediately. The PSA tool was able to help the organization streamline their projects and also create (and stick to) project budgets,

Ultimately, professional services automation has helped the company gain better visibility across their projects, making it much easier to keep track of resources, billable vs nonbillable transactions, manage their capacity, and more.

“Currently with Mission Control, we have a 90% project deadline adherence and a 15% increase in project budgets met – numbers we’re super pleased with.”

PSA Case Study #2: Firespring

Firespring is a marketing consultancy based in Nebraska, USA. After experiencing a tremendous amount of growth—a lot of it due to acquisition—the company found itself stuck in a messy patchwork of myriad processes and tools, many of which were doing the same thing.

The company set out to find one project management tool that would help them unify their processes as well as help with existing challenges. This included project planning, budgeting, and also reporting.

They also wanted better visibility of their projects across the organization, especially with regards to project status and tracking deliverables, timeliness, and budget.
That’s when they found Mission Control’s professional services automation solution.

We trialed a few and Mission Control had the best features and fit of the ones we explored.

After a simple setup, the company was able to do away with their different processes and tools and consolidate everything into one centralized dashboard. It has helped them create more consistency and stick to their project goals better.

Fundamentally it’s saved us time, it’s consolidated many workflows and provided more consistency in the organization.

PSA Case Study #3: Endiem

Endiem is a Salesforce consulting partner based in Houston, Texas, USA. When asked about the company’s “systems” before investing in PSA software, the response is hilarious but not so atypical.

Bits of string, chewing gum, rubber bands, PostIt notes, tinsel, glitter, unicorns, etc. Just kidding – Freshbooks + Salesforce + Salesforce apps + Google docs + Google sheets + email, yikes!

While the overall project work was getting done using this cobbled-together method, the organization wasn’t really moving forward. Unsurprisingly, this patchwork “method” of project management made projects difficult to track with little to no visibility at the task level.

While they considered custom tools as well as a few other lightweight options, ultimately they landed on Mission Control for their PSA needs.

Mission Control provides the ability to manage a project from opportunity through post-implementation support, with a holistic view of user stories, requirements, tasks, time tracking, issue and risk management.

Implementing the PSA tool has helped Endiem to not only improve project management processes, but they have also integrated it with their accounting software to more easily manage invoicing and finances right within Mission Control. They have also customized the PSA tool to better suit their needs and plan to make sure of even more integrations to truly turn their PSA into a one-stop project management machine.

The PSA software has become the company’s source of truth, giving them a comprehensive picture of the project at any given moment. Moving forward they plan to make further use of scheduling and automation features to enable Endiem’s DevOps practices to align with their release management alongside their PSA Mission Control solution.

These are just a few PSA examples of organizations implementing and benefiting from the tool. Mission Control has partnered with hundreds of teams over the years to help streamline and improve their project management processes.

Mission Control, your Project Management & PSA Command Center.

Take control of your projects & easily manage your team budgets & much more



Ready for take off? Click below and take a look around with your free 14 day trial.



Explore and discover the latest features of our Mission Control software.



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