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Salesforce Resource Management

Salesforce Resource Management

Resource management is critical for a project’s success. It ensures you have the right resources and utilize them most efficiently. Salesforce Resource Management is an entirely different beast, the below article shares some insights on how to manage your resources while using the world’s most popular CRM.

To better utilize resources, project managers need visibility into demand and capacity and required skills for particular work versus available skills. If you’re using Salesforce, integrating it with a native project management app gives you this visibility all from one platform.

What is Resource Management?

Resource management involves planning, scheduling, and allocating resources to a project. Resource management aims at having the right resources available at the right time for the right work.

Resources are essential to complete a task or a project within the set time and budget. Resources include:

  • People (employees)
  • Finances
  • Time
  • Technology
  • Physical space
  • Equipment
  • Consumables and materials

Salesforce Resource Management

Salesforce is a powerful CRM and when integrated with a reliable project management app, can help project managers to rip more benefits through streamlined resource management.

To make the most of Salesforce, integrate your CRM with a native resource and project management tool like Mission Control.

1. Build the skills that match your business needs

Use Salesforce to see what skills your resources have and then use resource management capabilities within a tool like Mission Control to create custom work roles that match those skills. If any skills are needed to complete a project but are missing from available resources, you can hire more resources to fill the gap.

You can plan your resources efficiently when you know what you need to complete a project successfully.

2. Account for PTO and other non-project work

When managing your resources within a resource management tool, you can easily see when resources will be away on paid time off or vacation. You will also be able to see which resources are engaged in non-project work. Use this visibility to assign tasks according to resource availability to avoid overloading resources.

3. See real-time resource availability

When allocating resources to projects, you can filter by availability. You’ll then see how much time a resource has open. This helps you to decide which resources to assign certain tasks depending on the time required to complete the tasks.

4. Get a view of company-wide resource availability

When you integrate Salesforce with Mission Control you can see all the resources within the company and not just at the task level. Resource managers can use this visibility to ensure that the entire organization—not just specific projects—has the resources needed.

5. Use available resource capacity for future planning

A Salesforce resource management tool integration enables managers to see what resources are currently available and which ones are about to become available. Project managers can take advantage of these insights to plan how much work the business can adequately take on in the coming months without outstretching resources.

Benefits of Salesforce Resource Management

Resource management allows you to plan the best way to use the available resources effectively. Here are some of the benefits of using a project management tool like Mission Control within Salesforce to plan, allocate and track your resources:

1. Increased efficiency

Managing resources allows you to track tasks and deadlines in one central, easy-to-use platform. You get complete visibility of the workload each resource is handling. This way, you can ensure that resources are not overworked or underutilized.

2. Prioritize tasks

Resources need to stay focused on tasks that bring the most return to the business. Project stakeholders can easily see what tasks they need to prioritize with resource management.

3. Improved collaboration and productivity

Resource management and Salesforce integration allows everyone across the organization to see who is doing what. This makes it easier for teams to collaborate across departments without affecting the flow of individual projects. With efficient collaboration comes increased productivity.

4. Improved communication

Integrating a tool like Mission Control into Salesforce gives you a centralized information hub that allows information to flow efficiently between all teams in the organization. Additionally, the Chatter feature enables team members to communicate efficiently, even when working remotely.

5. Better access to data

With the Salesforce and resource management integration, managers can access sales, service, marketing, and operations data in one central hub. With such easy access, project managers can analyze resource performance and use this data to plan for future projects.

6. Better forecasting

Easy access to data makes it possible for project managers to generate reports on resource performance. They can then analyze these reports, draw lessons from past resource planning and allocation, and get better at forecasting project resource needs and opportunities for future projects. When a business can forecast what resources future projects will need, it can better predict budget requirements.

7. Manage resources in one hub

A Salesforce and resource management software integration brings all your customer and resource data in one central hub, making it easier to streamline your processes. A streamlined process enables faster and better decision-making, resulting in delivering a better experience to your customers.

8. Keep your customers satisfied

When you use a tool like Mission Control to manage resources within Salesforce, you can track task progress and identify lagging resources and help get them up to speed to prevent derailing the project. When tasks are progressing as planned, there are high chances that the team will complete the project on time, which will keep customers happy.

While many organizations use their project management and CRM applications separately, it’s better to integrate these solutions to drive better results. Integrating a tool like Mission Control and Salesforce provides visibility and streamlines resource management enabling you to do more with less.

If you’re looking to manage your projects more effectively, Mission Control’s Salesforce Native Project Management Software has a variety of features that will help you organise, run and automate many of your project tasks. Chat with our experts today.

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