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Professional Services Automation Software

Mission Control Professional Services Automation Software of choice

In search of a Professional Services Automation software that will help your business improve your project management practices? Look no further than Mission Control.

Here’s why hundreds of professional services organizations around the world have partnered with Mission Control.

Simplify project planning

Creating, planning, and launching a new project can be a bit of a project in itself. Mission Control simplifies project planning within its Project Management Command Center.

The Launch Pad feature helps to easily generate a new project framework, along with milestones, risks, and issues, assignees, and more. Further, you can easily clone previous project templates if required. If you’d like to create a project plan, Mission Control also simplifies this process with an automated project plan generation tool that can use templates and other information to help create your plan.

Plan your resources

Planning your capacity and managing the resources that go with it is another key aspect of project management. Without the right tool, keeping track of these resources can become a very tricky affair.

Mission Control simplifies resource planning and utilization with various built-in features. The Resource Assignment Wizard and Scheduler allow you to get it right from the start, by identifying where there’s capacity and then scheduling it smartly. You can also view all of your actions, identify bottlenecks and holidays, or reassign or reschedule actions to fit the capacity of project resources.

Manage and automate invoicing

Invoicing can be a tedious and time-consuming manual task that often takes up a lot of time within a project.

A Professional Services Automation software like Mission Control can help simplify and automate the billing and invoice process for organizations. The tool can automate one-off invoices as well as take care of more complex recurring billing cycles. It automates reminders, eliminating the need for manual follow-ups and thus encouraging clients to pay on time.

Keep track of project profitability

Mission Control helps every professional services organization keep track of their profitability better.

With access to a centralized data hub, Mission Control users can easily monitor all project data, including where their money is coming from and where it’s being spent. You can feed in information about your planned spending and track it against your actual spending to make sure you get a real-life picture of the project finances.

This visibility can prevent budget overruns and improve project and overall organizational profitability.

View and monitor project financials

In addition to the budget, Mission Control also gives its user deep insights into a project’s finances.

The Revenue Recognition feature allows users to identify a clear and concise way in which their project revenue will be recognized based on the delivery schedule. Further, the PSA solution also allows you to keep an eye on key financial metrics such as planned value, earned value, and actual cost.

The dashboard also provides a profit and loss overview and other financial information. All this data within Mission Control also becomes very useful when planning and forecasting finances for future projects with similar deliverables.

Improve stakeholder communications

Stakeholder management and communications are an essential part of projects in professional services organizations.

Knowing what information to communicate and when can make all the difference to wider perceptions and everyone’s project experience. With Mission Control all the information is easily accessible for you to be proactive with internal and external stakeholder communications.

Analyze delivery efficiency

For project managers, the work doesn’t end once the project is completed. Post-delivery, it’s important to analyze various aspects of project delivery.

For example, was the project delivered on time? Did it stay within budget? Were enough resources allocated to the project? Did clients pay on time? Were there any unanticipated issues the team had to contend with?

The PMO dashboard within Mission Control provides you with the ability to establish a variety of key performance indicators relating to your projects for a quick view indication of how well the project is progressing. Upon completion, you can make use of these metrics to carry out a delivery efficiency analysis to assess whether or not you met your project goals.

An ongoing analysis of your projects will also help you get a handle on what’s working and what’s not and make necessary changes moving forward.

One Tool to Rule Them All

Whether you need basic project management or need an advanced Professional Services Automation software that brings various teams together—Mission Control is the solution your organization needs.

Powered by Salesforce, Mission Control can help your professional services organization next-level your project management, reduce costs and improve organizational efficiency—all by simply implementing one very handy tool.

Our PSA tool packs a project management punch! We’re excited for you to discover what you can achieve with our suite of features. When you sign up to Mission Control, you get all the features straight out of the box. No gimmicks and no hidden costs.

Request a demo today to see how Mission Control can help meet your business’ project management needs.

Mission Control, your Project Management & PSA Command Center.

Take control of your projects & easily manage your team budgets & much more



Ready for take off? Click below and take a look around with your free 14 day trial.



Explore and discover the latest features of our Mission Control software.



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