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Resource Management Tools

Cloud-based Resource Management Tools

Cloud-based resource management tools are essential to plan, allocate, and manage resources across projects efficiently. Integrating them with your Salesforce CRM will help optimize resource management, help your teams work more collaboratively, and provide much-needed value to your clients. Ultimately, this will accelerate growth for your business.

What are Cloud-Based Resource Management tools?

Cloud-based resource management tools are used to manage business resources. It enables effective resource planning and allocation. The difference between a cloud-based resource management tool and any other tool is that you store your data in a remote hub (the cloud). This data is accessible in real-time anytime, anywhere.

Cloud-based resource management makes it easier to better track and allocate the resources that fuel your business. Doing so ensures that you unlock the full potential of your resources without overworking them.

5 Advantages of Cloud Resource Management tools

Cloud resource management allows you to plan the best way to use the available resources effectively. Here are some of the benefits of implementing resource management software.

1. Better resource utilization

Resource utilization is all about maximizing the resources available to you. Cloud resource management allows you to see all available resources and how they’re utilized from one centralized hub. This is especially important if your resources have concurrent tasks or work on multiple projects simultaneously.

With better utilization comes a team that’s not overworked or burnt out. It also ensures that resources are used to their maximum potential, keeping projects on time and budget.

When you have insights on your resource utilization in real-time, you’re able to catch changes and hiccups more quickly, preventing problems from getting worse.

2. Project visibility

Cloud resource management gives you an overview of everyone and everything. It gives you visibility of where your resources are being utilized, when and how. You can see how efficient your resources are, allowing you to make better predictions for future resource needs.

3. Project transparency

With cloud-based resource management, every stakeholder can see the entire process. The project manager can see how resources are allocated and the resources are also able to view their tasks. This makes resource planning and allocation transparent both ways.

The more transparent your resource management is, the fewer misunderstandings will happen. It also prevents miscommunication between resource manager and project managers, team members, and customers, keeping everyone up-to-date and on the same page.

4. Predicting your resource needs

With the resource visibility that comes with a central resource management tools, you can see how long tasks take and the resources required to complete them. Furthermore, your stored data is always available to you. Hence, you can look back to a past project to see how long similar tasks took to complete, who completed them, and what other resources were required. With such information, you can predict the resources you’ll need for future projects making it easy to plan long-term.

5. Better control of projects

As a resource manager, you not only need to see where resources are utilized, but you also need to have control over what’s going on. Cloud resource management shows you where your resources are and what they are doing—giving you not only an overview but control of the whole process. This kind of control ensures you don’t overlook anything and address bottlenecks ahead of time.

Benefits of Integrating Salesforce CRM with your Resource Management Software

While all cloud-based resource management tools are impressive on its own, you can maximize its benefits by integrating it with a CRM platform like Salesforce.

Improved data visibility

Today’s companies deal with more complex projects than ever before. Visualizing the entire project from start to finish with detailed real-time data is therefore more crucial than ever.

When you integrate the data from your CRM with your resource management software, you get all your sales, service, marketing, and operations data in one central hub. This hub then makes it easy for everyone involved to quickly view and access the information they need.

This data visibility helps resource managers ensure essential resources never fall through the cracks. It can also help them analyze resource performance, learn from it, and improve decisions and results for future projects.

Improved communication

Integrating your resource management with Salesforce CRM allows information to flow better between teams. The centralized information hub also becomes a communication platform for all the teams in the organization. Team members can communicate efficiently even if they’re geographically distributed.

Better collaboration across teams

An integrated resource management CRM tool offers better visibility of resource availability across the organization. It’s easier for everyone to see who is doing what, right across the organization.

This then allows team members to better collaborate on projects. It also makes it easier for project managers to request tasks from teams across departments without affecting the flow of the projects or overworking resources unnecessarily

Better forecasting

Data visibility within Salesforce professional services automation software also helps organizations learn from their past resource planning and allocation and get better at forecasting project resource needs each time. By monitoring your project information closely, you get better at resource forecasting and identifying resource opportunities.

Additionally, when you’re able to forecast what resources future projects will need, you can also better predict budget requirements.

Avoid data errors and save time

When your resource management software and your Salesforce CRM are two separate tools, it means anyone using both has to enter data twice. This increases the possibility of errors and data duplication.

But when you integrate the two, automatic checks are done to ensure even data across the two platforms. It also saves your team time as they won’t have to make multiple data entries.

Just one resource data hub

An integrated Salesforce resource management tools can become your single source of truth for resource-related information.

With all your customer and resource data in one central hub, you will be able to streamline your resource management process, make better, faster decisions and ultimately deliver a better experience to your customers. When your projects have the resources they need, they’re delivered within budget and on time. This is not only a win for your organization but also your customers.

Your resources are the single most important fuel for your business success. As such, effective management of those resources is inevitable if you want to execute your projects successfully and have a more significant ROI. Linking your resource management to your Salesforce CRM will take your resources’ capabilities to the next level.

If you’re looking to manage your resources more effectively, Mission Control PSA has a variety of features that will help you organise, run and automate many of your tasks. Chat with our experts today.

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